Southeastern Council on Military Education


Understanding DoD, VA and private benefits for military-affiliated personnel

Navigating through bureaucracy and understanding benefits that are right for you can be a daunting process. Know your rights and stay informed! These benefits may offer education, health and other benefits for service members, veterans and their families.
Information on education, training and career counseling

If you're looking to enhance your education or skills to qualify for that dream job, this section provides a wealth of information on how to succeed. Although we aren't supplying "where" to find opportunities, we're providing more of a coaching and information on "how" to prepare for the next step in you life.
Supporting your family is just as important as supporting yourself!

We understand that family members go through much stress when dealing with the everyday struggles of military life-- whether you are active duty or a veteran, each stage brings new uncertainties  for you and your family members. Resources include anything from caregiver support to family retreats!
Ensure your financial stability

Don't let financial burdens add stress to your life! You have enough on your plate, ensure that you and your family are prepared for the future. Resources on scholarships, financial assistance, grants, and other financial aid can be found in this section.

DID YOU KNOW? SECOME awards scholarships every year to qualifying students. Check out our scholarships page for more information!

Coming home from a deployment or separating from the military, can bring new struggles.

Transition from deployment or out of service, these resources will provide information on programs, services, and other transitioning assistance on topics such as mental health and disabilities, lifestyle coaching, and other related information.