Southeastern Council on Military Education


SECOME's Story

Growing stronger each year


The Southeastern Council on Military Education (SECOME) had its beginning in South Carolina as a State Advisory Council on Military Education (ACME) affiliated with the Council of College and Military Educators (CCME), which was originally called the Council on Military Education in South Carolina (COMESC). COMESC was founded to promote, encourage, and deliver quality education to all branches of the armed services, and to address military education issues within the state of South Carolina. Annual symposiums were held to allow educators, institutions, government and state entities, and Educational Services Officers (ESO), to join together to collaborate on quality education and resolve state educational issues for our service members and their families.


As interest grew, in 2013, COMESC Board of Directors and members voted to include the state of North Carolina as a member state, which lead to the name change of the Carolinas’ Council on Military Education (C-COME). After the state of North Carolina was included as a member state, in less than one year, the organizational membership nearly doubled in size. 


As word spread of C-COME’s successes, the state of Georgia’s ACME approached C-COME with the intent to join as another member state. During the annual symposium in October 2014, the C-COME Board of Directors put it to a vote to include Georgia as a member state. Results came in with flying colors and it was voted to change the organization name for a final time to the Southeastern Council on Military Education (SECOME) while including the state of Georgia as a member state.

501c3 Status

The Southeastern Council on Military Education has become a strong coalition of educational institutions, corporations and military organizations that provides much more than a forum for the exchange of information and mutual support for the improvement of educational opportunities for veterans, retirees, uniformed service members and their families within the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

In 2015, SECOME established its 501c3, non-profit tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.