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Benefits (DoD, VA & Private)

Navigating through bureaucracy and understanding benefits that are right for you can be a daunting process. Know your rights and stay informed! These benefits may offer education, health and other benefits for service members, veterans and their families, as well as guidance and counseling on how to navigate DoD and VA bureaucracies.


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Aid and Attendance Program

Provides free assistance to qualified veterans and surviving spouses in applying for Aid and Attendance pension benefits.
Provides direct representation when filing for benefits with VA, at no cost to the veteran; Awards scholarships to veterans/active military, their sons, daughters, and grandchildren.
Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment
Provides a one-time payment of no more than $18,900 toward the purchase of an automobile or other transportation; additionally, VA will pay for adaptive equipment, or for repair, replacement, and reinstallation of automobile equipment required because of disability. 
Provides online pathway to government benefits; sponsored by DOL.
Blind Rehabilitation Service
Provides technology to regain independence and return to full activity; approved technology required by veterans is provided by VA Prosthetics Service at no cost.
Provides comprehensive online information on disability programs and services in Communities nationwide; searches can be narrowed to the caregiver audience; sponsored by DOL.
Disabled American Veterans
Provides help filing for VA disability compensation and benefits; provides a transportation network for veterans at 190 medical centers to help veterans get needed treatment.
DoD Compensation and Benefits Handbook for Wounded, Ill, and Injured Service Members
Provides a quick reference from rehabilitation to reintegration; links to resource sites; answers immediate questions and leads to additional answers.
Offers a central location for veterans, service members, and their families to research, find, access, and manage benefits and personal information.
Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors
Provides a quick link about detailed and up-to-date information regarding veterans benefits.
Military Installation Voluntary Education Review (MIVER)
The Principles are founded on best practices in distance higher education and tailored to the unique needs of the military community. The Principles define parameters of excellence; enhance the legitimacy and worth of distance education; and foster dialogue to strengthen and improve the quality of these programs and services. The Principles contribute to the continuous improvement of the military voluntary education program by helping to establish benchmarks of quality. Achievement of these Principles will result in an institution earning status as a DOD Preferred Provider of Distance Education and enable military members to make an informed choice among distance education institutions.
Military Order of the Purple Heart


Provides a network of National Service Officers (NSO) across the nation, usually co-located with a VA facility to help with VA issues.
Military Service Time to Civil Service Retirement
Provides resources on military service deposit, estimated earnings, and “buy back” military service time offered to Veterans working in the federal government.
My HealtheVet
Provides access to the VA’s Personal Health Record via a toll-free number.
My HealtheVet Caregiver Assistance Center
Helps caregivers take better care of themselves; offers information on VA benefits and services and community resources.
National Military Family Association
Provides caregivers assistance with navigating DOD and VA support programs and health care; lists caregiver benefits.
National Veterans Foundation Resource Center
Explains the eligibility requirements for various benefits, how to apply for them, and how to get more information.
OEF/OIF/OND Care Management Program
Helps service members and caregivers navigate local VA programs during their transition.
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Assists veterans with spinal cord injury and disease as well as other veterans needing assistance with VA benefits, entitlements, medical care, and other benefits.
PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment)
Provides one-on-one support for coordinating rehabilitation needs with medical care and VA benefits.
Post GI Bill
Covers up to 36 months of education benefits, including monthly housing allowance; transferability of benefits to eligible dependents allowed.